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Metal Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Metal Heat Pipe Solar Collector

The metal heat pipe solar collector is used to collect solar energy for the heating of water or buildings. It consists of vacuum tube, red copper heat pipe, metal heat absorption wing, and manifold.

Working Principle
The metal heat absorption wing with selective absorption coating converts solar energy into heat and transfers it to a liquid medium inside. The vacuum between the two glass tubes provides insulation. The liquid in the heat pipe vaporizes and rises to the condenser. When the vapor moves to the heat exchanger, heat is absorbed and temperature drops. The vapor then condenses to form a liquid and returns to the bottom of the heat pipe. This heat transfer process continues as long as the metal heat pipe solar collector is being heated by the sun.

1. Vacuum tube: Borosilicate glass 70 × 1900mm
2. Heat pipe: Red copper
3. Metal heat absorption wing: aluminum alloy
4. Joint box: Aluminum alloy / stainless steel
5. Bracket: Aluminum alloy / galvanized steel

1. Material: Rock wool
2. Thickness: 55mm (Max. preserving time: 72 hours)

Working pressure: 0.6MPa
Testing pressure: 1.2MPa
Hail resistance: Φ25mm
Certificates: ISO9001:2000, CE
Warranty: 3-year international quality guarantee
Packaging: vacuum tube / carton, manifold / carton, joint box / carton, bracket / carton

Technical Data of KD-SC-MHP Metal Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Model Aperture Area (m2 ) Volume(L) Gross Weight(kg) 20GP/40GP/40HC
Loading Qty (sets)
KD-SC-MHP70/1900-12 1.67 150L 130 130/290/330
KD-SC-MHP70/1900-16 2.42 200L 153 82/190/218
KD-SC-MHP70/1900-24 3.93 300L 214 60/140/160
KD-SC-MHP70/1900-32 5.01 400L 290 46/110/116
KD-SC-MHP70/1900-40 6.55 500L 350 36/90/102

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