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Glass Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

Glass Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

Our solar collector uses a double-walled borosilicate glass vacuum tube to absorb heat. It offers high heat efficiency and is economically priced. This evacuated tube collector is suitable for use in regions with good sunshine conditions and winter temperatures above -20℃.

1. Vacuum tube: Borosilicate glass KD-VT-AG
2. Inner tank: SUS304-2B stainless steel
3. Joint box: Coated steel sheet / stainless steel
4. Bracket: Galvanized steel / stainless steel

1. Material: Polyurethane foam
2. Thickness: 55mm (Max. preserving time: 72 hours)

Working pressure: 0MPa
Testing pressure: 0.6MPa
Hail resistance: Φ 25mm
Certificate: ISO9001: 2000, CE certificates
Warranty: 3-year international quality guarantee
Packaging: Vacuum tube / carton, manifold / carton, joint box / carton, bracket / carton

Technical Data of KD-SC-AG Glass Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

Model Aperture Area(m2) Volume (L) Gross Weight(kg) 20GP/40GP/40HC
Loading Qty(sets)
KD-SC-AG 58/1800-15 1.97 120L 130 92/200/228
KD-SC-AG 58/1800-20 2.62 160L 153 70/150/170
KD-SC-AG 58/1800-25 3.49 200L 162 56/120/136
KD-SC-AG 58/1800-30 3.93 240L 214 46/100/112
KD-SC-AG 58/1800-50 6.55 400L 350 28/60/68
KD-SC-AG 58/1800-60 7.68 480L 436 23/50/56
KD-SC-AG 58/2100-15 2.12 130L 138 92/200/228
KD-SC-AG 58/2100-20 2.92 175L 163 70/150/170

As a specialized glass vacuum tube solar collector manufacturer based in China, our company also provides heat pipe solar collector, flat plate solar collector, wind turbine generator, split solar water heating system, solar water heater, solar panel, and more.

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