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Solar Water Heater Accessories

  • Solar Heater Glass Vacuum TubeKaidun all-glass vacuum tube is made of dual borosilicate glass tubes, and the space between the two tubes is evacuated. The AL/N/AL selective coating on the outer wall of the inner tube absorbs sunlight and transforms it into heat, which in turn heats the cold water in the inner tube.
  • Solar Heater High Absorption Vacuum TubeThe vacuum tube, a key part of the solar water heater, decides the performance of the solar water heating system. With the inner wall color of red, our high absorption vacuum tube has high heat efficiency and is reasonably priced. Even at a temperature of -20℃, it can still work normally.
  • Solar Heater Heat Pipe Vacuum TubeThe solar heater heat pipe vacuum tube is a good combination of the heat pipe and the high absorption vacuum tube with ALN/ALN-SS/CU selective coating. The heat is conducted via the liquid medium in the heat pipe and the vacuum tube is mainly used for heat insulation.
  • Solar Heater Metal Heat Pipe Vacuum TubeFor the solar heater metal heat pipe vacuum tube, the ALN/ALN-SS/CU selective coating is applied to a slice of aluminum fin instead of the wall of vacuum tube, which greatly increases the effective heat-absorbing area.
  • Solar Heater Pressurized Water TankThe solar heater pressurized water tank is used in a split solar water heating system and it can be installed anywhere near the house. This pressure tank is connected to the solar collectors through pipes, which makes installation very convenient.
  • Solar Heater Expansion VesselClosed-loop heating systems require an expansion vessel. There is a chamber in the expansion tank and a bladder or diaphragm in the chamber. The expansion tank can be mounted on the 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch pipes with standard threaded plumbing fittings.
  • Solar Pump StationIt includes a circulation pump, pressure gauge, controller, flow meter, expansion vessel, and other connection accessories. Most of these components are imported from European countries to guarantee high quality and reliable performance.
  • Assistant Tank KD-ATAs the preheating water heater heats the cold water inside the pipe coil through the hot water inside the water tank, it is very important to keep the water tank full of water so as to supply sufficient heat for the pipe coil to exchange heat.
  • Electric Heater KD-EHThis electric heater KD-EH is an auxiliary device for the solar water heater system. It is used to heat the cold water in the tank in the cloudy days. This device keeps the heating system working under all the weather conditions all the year round.

In addition to a variety of premium solar water heaters, we also provide quality solar water heater accessories. The solar water heater parts we offer mainly include all-glass vacuum tube, highly-absorptive vacuum tube, heat pipe vacuum tube, metal vacuum tube, water tank, pump station, expansion vessel, assistant tank, and electric heater.

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