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Solar Heater Expansion Vessel

Solar Heater Expansion Vessel

Closed-loop heating systems require an expansion vessel. There is a chamber in the expansion tank and a bladder or diaphragm in the chamber. The expansion tank can be mounted on the 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch pipes with standard threaded plumbing fittings.

When the pipes are filled with a heat-transfer fluid (water and glycol) and the operating pressure of the system is set, the fluid will occupy a given volume based on the temperature. As the heat-transfer fluid is heated by the sun, it expands. This is where the expansion tank is critical. Without it, some part of the system would burst! The solar heater expansion vessel allows the heat-transfer fluid to safely expand by compressing the air in the chamber.

The size of the expansion tank needed depends on the total volume of heat-transfer fluid which is determined by the number and size of solar collectors as well as the length and diameter of the pipes.

Our solar heater expansion vessel is suitable for a split pressurized solar water heating system and its maximum working pressure is 1.0 MPa. We can provide bladder type expansion tank and diaphragm type expansion tank with the volume of 5L, 8L, 12L, 18L or 24L to suit your various requirements.

Kaisundun is a professional solar heater expansion vessel manufacturer based in China. The wide variety of products we offer includes solar water heater, heat pipe solar collector, wind turbine generator, solar panel, heat pump water heater, and more.

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