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Split Solar Water Heating System

  • SPA Split Solar Water Heating SystemWith the solar collector and water storage tank installed separately, the SPA split solar water heating system provides maximum installation flexibility. The solar collector can be mounted on the roof while the water tank can be installed anywhere near the house.
  • SPB Split Solar Water Heating SystemThe SPB split solar water heating system uses solar energy to heat household water. The solar energy is collected by the solar collector, in which a heat-transfer fluid is heated. The heated fluid is then pumped into the heat exchanger in the water storage tank, heating the water in the tank.
  • SPC Split Solar Water Heating SystemThis SPC split solar water heating system adopts the water tank with various capacities, such as 150L, 200L and 300L. Working under the pressure of 1.0Mpa at maximum, the water tank is equipped with standard accessories like electric heater, magnesium rod and so on.

Designed to offer the maximum installation flexibility, the split solar water heating system has its collectors and storage tank mounted separately. A pump is used for water circulation of the system.

The split pressurized solar water heater is composed of the following three parts:
1. Heat pipe vacuum tube solar collector, KD-SC-HP 58/1800 or KD-SC-MHP70/1900
2. Working station (including circulation pump, controller, expansion vessel, pressure gauge, sensors, etc.), KD-WS SP116/8L or KD-WS SP226/8L
3. Pressurized water tank, KD-WT, 100L/200L/300L/400L/500L

1. Collectors are separated from the storage tank, so the tank can be installed anywhere around the house.
2. The collectors can be placed on an inclined roof or flat surface.
3. Featuring modular structure and easy installation, the split solar water heating system is in harmony with its surroundings.
4. The split solar water heater boasts intelligent control and automatic operation.
5. There is no water running inside the evacuated tubes, so freezing problem is eliminated.
6. The system controller will start working at a set value so as to prevent the system from freezing.
7. The split solar water heating system is workable at anytime and offers enjoyable multifunction.
8. This water heating apparatus provides hot water for bathing, washing and domestic heating.

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