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SPC Split Solar Water Heating System

SPC Split Solar Water Heating System

This SPC split solar water heating system adopts the water tank with various capacities, such as 150L, 200L and 300L. Working under the pressure of 1.0Mpa at maximum, the water tank is equipped with standard accessories like electric heater, magnesium rod and so on.

In general, this product can be mounted with KD-WS SP116/8L solar working station for option. Carrying the ISO9001: 2000 and CE certificates, the product is supplied with 3 years of international quality warranty and its automatic controller has one year of quality warranty. Additionally, all its parts are packed by carton, such as vacuum tube, water tank and bracket. Yet the ordered sample for the split solar water heating system needs wooden box for package.

Product Description

Inner tankOuter tankBracket of solar collector Insulation layer
Material SUS304-2B stainless
steel or enameled one
Steel plate coated
with plastics
Alluminum alloy Foamed polyurethane
(from Bayer Germany)
Thickness1.0~2.0mm0.4mm1.5~2.0mm50mm (for 72 hours of
conservation at maximum)
Density 42kg/m3

Technical Data of Copper and Aluminum Core Flat Plate Solar Collector

Type ItemsKD-SC-FP
Length2000 mm
Width1000 mm
Thickness80 mm
Cross area 2m2
Absorbing area1.96m2
Heat absorption rateMore than 90%
Weight 32kg
Capacity 3L
Daily output 120-160L (at 35ºC)
Testing pressure1.0MPa
Working pressure 0.8MPa
Diameter of joints ()G3/4"/ 22 mm
Working temperature-35~200ºC
MediumAir, water, anti-freezing liquid, oil
Coating1. Anodized black selective coating
2. Black chrome
3. Blue titanium
Quantity for installation1/2/3/4/6/8/10pcs

Note: The flat plate solar collector with copper and aluminum core features high efficiency and low cost. It can be easily installed on the inclined roof.

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