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IPA-HP Solar Water Heater

IPA-HP Solar Water Heater

Capable of withstanding pressure, the IPA-HP solar water heater can be installed in any place. The evacuated tubes absorb solar energy to heat water in the pressurized tank. There is no water in the evacuated tubes, so this pressurized solar water heater can still work properly when some tubes are broken.

Product Description

1. Inner tank: SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel
2. Outer tank: Coated steel sheet
3. Frame: Coated steel sheet

1. Inner tank: 1.0~1.5mm
2. Outer tank: 0.4mm
3. Frame: 1.5mm

Solar Collector: Highly absorptive vacuum tube + heat pipe KD-VT-HP 58/1800
1. Coating: ALN/ALN-SS/CU
2. Size: Φ58mm × 1800mm
3. Heat absorption rate: > 96%
4. Qty.: 15/20/25/30 pcs

Insulation Layer
1. Material: Imported polyurethane foam (from Bayer Germany)
2. Thickness: 50mm (Max. preserving time: 72 hours)
3. Density: 42kg/m3

Water Tank
1. Capacity: 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 liters
2. Tank diameter: 360 / 410mm
3. Max. working pressure: 1.0 MPa
4. Accessories: Electric heater, magnesium rod

Optional Accessories: Automatic controller
Certificate: ISO9001:2000, CE certificates
Warranty: 3-year international quality warranty for solar water heater, 1-year warranty for automatic controller
Packaging: The frame, water tank, and evacuated tubes are separately packaged in cartons. (For sample order, the evacuated tubes should be packed in wooden box)

Technical Data of KD-IPA-HP Solar Water Heater

Model Area ( m2 ) Vacuum Tube + Heat Pipe KD-VT-HP Volume (L) GW (kg) 20GP/40GP/40HC
loading Qty(sets)
Ø (mm) L (mm) Qty (pcs )
KD-IPA-HP/ 150L 1.97 58 1800 15 150 46 48/100/116
KD- IPA -HP/ 200L 3.70 58 1800 20 200 71 32/68/72
KD- IPA -HP/ 250L 4.75 58 1800 25 250 81 25/52/62
KD- IPA -HP/ 300L 5.60 58 1800 30 300 98 22/46/52

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