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Non-pressure Solar Water Heater

  • NPA Solar Water HeaterThe NPA solar water heater absorbs the energy from the sun to generate heat which is then used to heat domestic water. It is cost-effective, as the fuel it uses - sunshine - is free. The solar domestic hot water system is also environmentally friendly.
  • NPB Solar Water HeaterUsing solar energy to heat domestic water, the NPB solar water heater helps save money, as the fuel - sunshine - is free, and reduce carbon footprint, resulting in a cleaner environment.
  • NPC-HP Solar Water HeaterThe NPC-HP solar water heater can cut you annual hot water costs in half, as it uses the solar energy to heat domestic water. Using such a solar hot water system also reduces your reliance on fossil fuels, thus reducing your carbon footprint and helping create a clean environment.
  • NPD-FP Solar Water HeaterThe KD-NPD-FP solar water heater is composed of the flat plate solar collector, non-pressurized water tank, and automatic controller.
    The KD-SC-FP flat plate solar collector adopted by our solar water heater consists of an absorber, cover glass, insulation layer, and frame.
  • PH-HA Solar Water HeaterThis active solar heating system can be used at any time to heat cold water. It eliminates the shortcomings of traditional solar water heaters, such as slow heating rate and long waiting time.
    The use of a copper coil avoids heat loss and the cold water can be heated at any moment.
  • PH-HP Solar Water HeaterWith a copper coil installed in the water tank as a heat exchanger, the PH-HP solar water heater can be used to heat cold water at any time. It overcomes the shortcoming of slow heating of traditional solar water heating systems.

The integrated non-pressure solar water heater offers a simple solution to get hot water by using solar energy. It directly connects the solar thermal collector with a water tank on the top. There is no need for a pump to push the water and no need for a pipeline between the collector and the tank.

When the water in the evacuated tube is heated, its density will decrease and it will flow upwards into the tank; meanwhile, the cold water in the tank will flow down into the tube due to its greater density. Thus, water circulation and heat exchanging in the system are completed.

1. Our non-pressure solar water heater is designed according to the heat gain conditions in winter.
2. It uses TG-technique to accelerate water circulation and adopts a thicker, denser insulation layer.
3. The domestic water heater is durable enough to withstand the impact from wind, snow and hail.
4. With a large water tank, this roof mounted solar hot water system is suitable for family use and for use in hot water centers of enterprises.
5. Our close-coupled solar water heater adopts heat-loss reducing technology. It is equipped with evacuated tubes which feature high absorption rate and strong resistance to high and low temperatures.
6. Larger installing angle makes the non-pressure solar water heater more suitable for regions of high altitude and severe climate.
7. Nice shape and finish make the solar domestic hot water system more harmonious with the surroundings.

Kaisundun is a professional non-pressure solar water heater manufacturer based in China. In addition, we offer pressure solar water heater, heat pump water heater, split solar water heating system, heat pipe solar collector, wind turbine generator, solar panel, and more.

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