PH-HP Solar Water Heater

PH-HP Solar Water Heater

With a copper coil installed in the water tank as a heat exchanger, the PH-HP solar water heater can be used to heat cold water at any time. It overcomes the shortcoming of slow heating of traditional solar water heating systems.

1. A special heat exchanging mode is adopted to avoid heat loss, so cold water can be heated at any moment.
2. With the pressure inside the water tank identical with tap water pressure, our solar water heater can be directly connected to the city tap water system.
3. Automatic water supply makes this solar water heating apparatus easy to use.
4. No pollution is produced during the working of our solar domestic hot water system, which is environmentally friendly. Also, there is no extra cost for using hot water.
5. Fashionable appearance enables the domestic water heater to nicely fit in its surroundings.

Product Description
1. Inner tank: SUS304-2B stainless steel
2. Outer tank: Coated steel sheet
3. Frame: Coated steel sheet

1. Inner tank: 0.4mm
2. Outer tank: 0.4mm
3. Frame: 1.5mm

Solar Collector: Highly absorptive vacuum tube + heat pipe KD-VT-HP 58/1800
1. Coating: ALN/ALN-SS/CU
2. Size: Φ58mm × 1800mm
3. Heat absorption rate: > 96%
4. Qty.: 15/20/25/30/36 pcs

Insulation layer
1. Material: Imported polyurethane foam (from Bayer Germany)
2. Thickness: 50mm (Max. preserving time: 72 hours)
3. Density: 42kg/m3

Water Tank
1. Capacity: 150 / 200 / 250 / 300/360 liters
2. Max. pressure: 0.6MPa
3. Tank diameter: 360 / 410mm
4. Copper coiler: Φ12mm × 20~45m

Optional Accessories: Automatic controller, electric heater, magnesium rod, assistant tank (KD-PH-HA and KD-PH-HP only)
Certificate: ISO9001:2000, CE certificates
Warranty: 3-year international quality warranty for solar water heater, 1-year warranty for automatic controller
Packaging: The frame, water tank, and evacuated tubes are separately packaged in cartons. (For sample order, wooden box packaging is required)

Technical Data of KD-PH-HP Solar Water Heater

Model Area (m2) Vacuum tube +Heat Pipe KD-VT-HP Volume (L) GW (kg) 20GP/40GP/40HC
loading Qty (sets)
Ø (mm) L (mm) Qty (pcs)
KD-PH- HP/ 150L 1.97 58 1800 15 150 61 48/100/116
KD-PH- HP / 200L 3.70 58 1800 20 200 91 32/68/72
KD-PH- HP/ 250L 4.75 58 1800 25 250 106 25/52/62
KD-PH- HP/ 300L 5.60 58 1800 30 300 128 22/46/52
KD-PH- HP / 360L 6.53 58 1800 30 360 145 19/40/42

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