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NPD-FP Solar Water Heater

NPD-FP Solar Water Heater

The KD-NPD-FP solar water heater is composed of the flat plate solar collector, non-pressurized water tank, and automatic controller.

The KD-SC-FP flat plate solar collector adopted by our solar water heater consists of an absorber, cover glass, insulation layer, and frame. The metal absorbing plate with coating is welded on the red copper pipe. The cold water or medium is heated when it moves through the pipe. The transparent cover glass allows visible light to pass through and blocks far infrared. This allows sunlight to pass through the cover glass and reach the absorber to produce heat, and the far infrared resulting from the radiation of absorber is kept inside. The result is reduced heat loss and increased heat-absorbing efficiency as well as absorber temperature.

There are usually three kinds of coatings: anodized coating, black chrome coating, and blue titanium coating. In areas with temperatures above 0℃ in winter, a direct solar water heating system is applicable, but in areas with temperature below 0℃ in winter, a liquid medium can be added to the system to heat cold water indirectly, forming an indirect solar water heating system.

Technical Data of Flat Plate Solar Collector with Copper and Aluminum Absorber

Type Items KD-SC-FP
Length (mm) 2000
Width (mm) 1000
Thickness (mm) 80
Cross Area (m2) 2
Absorber Area (m2) 1.96
Weight (Kg) 32
Capacity (L) 3
Daily Output (L 35℃ ) 120-160
Test Pressure (MPa ) 1.0
Working Pressure (MPa ) 0.8
Dia . of Joints (mm) 3/4 inch / 22 mm
Working Temperature -35~200 ℃
Medium Air, Water, Anti-freezing Liquid, Oil
Coating 1.Anodizing;
2.Black chrome;
3. Blue titanium

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